Halemons' Winter Collection: Why Should You Wrap Your Baby in Our Blankets?

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Are you looking for a baby winter collection? Look no more. Just read this blog by Halemons till the end and find the best baby winter collection blankets that will totally justify your money and deserve your trust and appreciation.

Let’s jump straight to the blog now.

Why Halemons?: Our USPs

Halemons is a brand that is sustainable, offers bio-washed cotton clothes, is based on a zero-waste policy, and uses the good old ways of making the kids' clothes from 100% cotton material.

Let us tell you our USPs in a little more detail.

1 Sustainability.
Sustainable clothes are timeless pieces. These baby clothes can be handed down to other kids in the family, which will not only make the relationship with that clothing piece stronger with the entire family but will also make sure that the money that you have invested is paying off over a good amount of time.

2 No Harmful Chemicals Used.
Halemons is strictly against the usage of harmful chemicals to treat kids’ clothes. Therefore, Halemons has 100% cotton baby clothes that are bio-washed so that the problem of pilling is kept at bay. Bio-washing will help people who don’t want frequent allergies to bother their kids.

3 Zero Waste Policy.
Thinking about the kids’ future in the long run is every new parent’s priority. and, to do this, they should start investing in brands that are not hurting the planet or making more waste, which will ultimately be a problem for your kid when they get older. Halemons has a zero-waste policy that deserves your money and trust.

4 100% Cotton Products that are Rash-Free.
Halemons takes pride in designing and curating all of the kids’ products so that the baby is comfortable. Together with fashion, the comfort of the kids is ensured by not compromising on the quality of the cotton material being used to tailor all the kid’s products.

Halemons’ Baby Blanket Collection!

Halemons’ newly launched Baby blanket collection is ready for you to wrap your loved ones in. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Category 1 -

Embroidered Blankets

Halemons’ baby winter collection Embroidered blankets are super unique and one of a kind as they have the following unique features -
  1. The embroidered baby blankets are made up of 100% woollen embroidery that will provide warmth to your little bundle of joys.
  2. These embroidered baby blankets for winter are made from breathable, non-itchy, and skin-friendly 100% cotton material.
  3. These embroidered baby blankets have a natural base fabric, which makes them versatile enough to be used in different seasons.
  4. These kids’ blankets are curated from the best quality antiviral and antibacterial fabric.
  5. The unique quality about these embroidered blankets for kids is that the fabric of the blankets softens after every wash.
  6. These baby blankets for winter have a cosy feel and the most unique designs that the kids would love and prefer.
The following embroidered blankets are available on Halemons to wrap and comfort your child in. Have a look -

1 Teddy Woollen Embroidered Crocheted Style Baby Kids Blanket
Teddies are the best friends of your little ones, and hence we have included them in their blankets too.

2 Green Woollen Sunflower Reversible Baby Kids Blanket
The most beautiful flower designs blankets for your delicate little flowers. Additionally, it is also a reversible blanket.

3 Crochette Pattern Embroidered Reversible Unisex Baby Kids Blanket
The pop of colours is what makes this a super attractive blanket. Additionally, it is also a reversible blanket.

4 Green Garden Boho Red Rose Woollen Luxury Baby Kids Blanket
The most beautiful designs that will instantly brighten your children's moods!

5 Woollen Red Rose Embroidered Reversible Luxury Baby Kids Blanket
A rose embroidered blanket for the love of your life. Additionally, it is also a reversible blanket.

Category 2 -

Cotton Blankets

Halemons’ baby winter collection Cotton or Swaddle Blankets are super comfortable blankets that all new parents can use all year round. See the unique features of these blankets for kids -
  1. This winter collection for baby girls and baby boys is made from 100% organic cotton that is breathable, non-itchy, and skin-friendly.
  2. The unique quality about these embroidered blankets for kids is that the fabric of the blankets softens after every wash.
  3. Another great feature of these kids’ blankets is that they keep kids warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  4. The versatility of these baby blankets cannot be missed. These single-layer 100% cotton blankets can be used to cover babies aged 0–8 years during sleep, travel, and in a stroller, and can also be doubled up as feeding covers.
  5. These baby blankets are lightweight, compatible, and easy to carry.
  6. Aesthetically, these kids’ blankets are super cute and are fenced with cotton crochet lace.
  7. These crochet baby blankets are the best baby shower gifts and newborn gift items.
The following cotton blankets are available on Halemons to wrap and comfort your child in. Have a look -

1 100% Organic Peach Cotton Wrap Newborn Baby Blanket
The colour being so soothing to the eyes and the fabric being so comfortable, your little one is going to love being wrapped in this.

2 100% Organic Sea-Green Cotton Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket
This sea-green colour is specially included for your little boys. For sure, they are going to remember their first blankets.

Soft Cotton Antibacterial Brown Stripe Single Layered Baby Blanket
Your kid will definitely have a lot of fun in this quirky striped blanket.

Are you ready to protect your kids in the winter?

You now know where to shop the best for your precious champs, whether it is a winter baby blanket collection for baby girls or baby boys, or a cotton swaddle blanket, so you can rest assured that they are in the right wrap!

Check out Halemons to find a lot of winter wear clothes and accessories. And for more interesting and informative blogs, keep checking the blogs section on our website.

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