Importance of colour in Navaratri nine nights red sindoor

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The vibrancy of the festival is enhanced by the colourful dresses. There are Nine colours of Navratri, each of the nine colors of Navratri symbolizes the quality of the Devi.

The nine colours of Navaratri are yellow, green, gray, orange, white, red, royal blue, pink, and purple.It is said, that every year the colours remain the same whereas the order varies depending on the day Navratri falls.

The feminine has always been worshipped in Indian culture in various forms. There are many things in nature which are significant to you are red. Red is the color of your blood. Red is the color of the rising sun. In human consciousness, colors have a big impact upon how you feel, and red creates maximum vibrance. Devi signifies that vibrance. Her energy is absolute vibrance and exuberance. Anything that is exuberant means red.